Aug. 24th, 2007

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There are moments in life when you truly feel small and alone against the world... breaking down on the busiest motorway around Paris when you're travelling on the fast lane tends to do that to you. My car literally died on me : no power, no engine no life support. no nothin'.
I just had time to use the momentum to cross two lines before coming to an halt in the middle of traffic, almost perpendicular to the rest of the cars coming right at me. I had to get out and push my car (and me) out of the fraking way. Now when you're travelling on a motorway, cars don't seem that fast but when you're *walking* on that same motorway pushing your, up to that point, trusted vehicle and you got cars passing left, front and center: it is a whole new scene.

I finally reached an exit that of course was going uphill, at that point I was thinking about just laying down and die. Fortunately for me, help was on its way : a tiny blond girl on the way to her bus stopped to ask me if I needed help pushing. I said yes at least for the uphill part and she was like "I don't know if I'm strong enough but hell let's give it a try" (she actually told me that :-), she just shoved her umbrella (oh yeah it was raining ^^) and her coat on the passenger seat. And the both of us pushed the damn car uphill (that's one heavy sonofabitch, considering it's not that big). And then she was gone, not even time for a proper good bye.
Blond girl, my thanks to you, live long and prosper and all that.

As I've been having troubles with the battery all week long, that's the first thing I changed and it seems to be okay now. But the way the car suddenly stopped doesn't fit with a battery problem (at least from what little mechanical knowledge I have). Guys, if any of you knows a bit about mechanics, I'm open to any suggestion, ideas, educated guess etc...

And I just wanted to thank all the BR crowd (and affiliates) for last week end. It was just pure fun, laughs, convention dances, geeking and fanboying around, getting slightly drunk and going to bed at sunrise.
I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Next stop : New Year's Eve, my place ! If you can read this, consider yourself invited !!


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