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Feel free to skip. It’s not even a political rant; it’s more like wishful thinking and venting.

Please, don’t let us down US of A. About 95% of the rest of the world (the rest of the world with access to polls that is) is counting on you to do the right thing, the smart thing (i.e vote for the black guy for once).

4 years ago I wrote basically the same thing around pretty much the same time and I must say: that didn’t work too well. So yep, this time around, make me proud.
I’ll try to coffee and cigarettes my way to the result (which should be around 5 am for us Frenchies).

And while I’m at it, word of advice: Californians do not vote for proposition 8 ! Not just because it’s wrong to deny equality (although, you know, it totally is) but because let’s face it, if you piss off the LGBT community and they decide to break out of California, there won’t be that much people left.
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As usual when something is too good to be true, it's because you did not read the fine prints.
That's okay, you see a familiar face and name on an advert at your favorite comic book shop, you just write down the time and place and go squee, manly, around.
Back to the fine prints, as of today they're only handling about 30 tickets for the signing and you need to be there to grab them (and crush some fellow geeks in the process) when the store opens at 10am

So yep, not sure I'll be able to attend. Money is pretty tight these days and I would need to book a non payed holiday to get the tickets.
It blows !!!
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For all the fanboys and girls in Paris : Album Comics is having Guillermo Del Toro for a signing next Monday, October 6th, starting at 6pm.
I'll be there, anybody else interested ?

I can't believe they scored themselves Guillermo Del Toro !?!
El Espinazo Del Diablo ("The Devil's Backbone") must be in my All-Time Top 20 !
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No spoilers for 4.13 (since I don't know any), just my 2p )
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One of my earliest memory is me, my sister and my grandfather in Spain during the holidays watching the 1984 European Championship finale (I'm talking football here). My grandparents didn't have a TV at the time and we went to the restaurant that takes the whole of the ground floor.
Now being both French and Spanish, my sister and me didn't see the harm in cheering when one or the other team scored. Pretty much everybody else in the room did see the harm in cheering for the french and we got some *very* dirty looks especially since France eventually won.
We left pretty quickly as soon as the game ended :)

My grandfather loved football with a passion, I remember he watched pretty much every single game broadcasted during the summer we would spend in Spain which is a lot ! He was beside himself when Spain won the Olympics in 92 because it was basically the first title he could share in real time with his fellow countrymen. He flew Spain in 1955 and did not come back before the early 80's so he missed the European title in 64.
So yeah basically, I thought about him tonight when Spain won. He would have loved it. Not only he victory but the way the team played. He would have shouted at the screen (he had a tendency to do that :) and I would have loved to watch that with him.

EDIT : And did you see the King with his eyes pretty wet, hugging the team's Captain Iker Casillas ? No wonder everybody in Spain loves the guy.


Sep. 3rd, 2007 07:16 am
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"Waitress" french premiere will take place at the same time (if I got that right) in Deauville for the American film festival and in Paris at the UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles.
I'll be at the one in Paris and I'm taking some Browncoat backup with me. So if anybody fancy watching Mr Fillion on the big screen again (and according to the reviews so far, a good movie to boot), it's tonight at 20h30. Spread the word :)


Sep. 1st, 2007 08:30 pm
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Okay guys trying to post from my mobile phone here goes nothing
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There are moments in life when you truly feel small and alone against the world... breaking down on the busiest motorway around Paris when you're travelling on the fast lane tends to do that to you. My car literally died on me : no power, no engine no life support. no nothin'.
I just had time to use the momentum to cross two lines before coming to an halt in the middle of traffic, almost perpendicular to the rest of the cars coming right at me. I had to get out and push my car (and me) out of the fraking way. Now when you're travelling on a motorway, cars don't seem that fast but when you're *walking* on that same motorway pushing your, up to that point, trusted vehicle and you got cars passing left, front and center: it is a whole new scene.

I finally reached an exit that of course was going uphill, at that point I was thinking about just laying down and die. Fortunately for me, help was on its way : a tiny blond girl on the way to her bus stopped to ask me if I needed help pushing. I said yes at least for the uphill part and she was like "I don't know if I'm strong enough but hell let's give it a try" (she actually told me that :-), she just shoved her umbrella (oh yeah it was raining ^^) and her coat on the passenger seat. And the both of us pushed the damn car uphill (that's one heavy sonofabitch, considering it's not that big). And then she was gone, not even time for a proper good bye.
Blond girl, my thanks to you, live long and prosper and all that.

As I've been having troubles with the battery all week long, that's the first thing I changed and it seems to be okay now. But the way the car suddenly stopped doesn't fit with a battery problem (at least from what little mechanical knowledge I have). Guys, if any of you knows a bit about mechanics, I'm open to any suggestion, ideas, educated guess etc...

And I just wanted to thank all the BR crowd (and affiliates) for last week end. It was just pure fun, laughs, convention dances, geeking and fanboying around, getting slightly drunk and going to bed at sunrise.
I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Next stop : New Year's Eve, my place ! If you can read this, consider yourself invited !!


Aug. 9th, 2007 12:23 pm
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Just a quickie from work.
I just found about a Buffy Convention that's gonna be held in France :
Nice line up... Really really nice, I'd sell my kidney to see Amber.
Thing is after the debacle that was the 2003 Buffy con in Paris and closer from us, Flan 2, I don't trust these newbies.
Maybe I'm being paranoid but I'm gonna check out these guys thoroughly before booking. Because if they're legit, I'm so gonna be there.
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I've got the job !!!!! I've got the freaking job !!!!!
Told you last time they wouldn't be able to resist the cuteness :)

I'm so glad it's over (for now anyway) : between Tuesday last week (when I came back from Blackpool) and Monday, I went to 6 interviews and you know what ?? They all wanted to hire me (except one but he did want a 2nd interview) so yep, feeling pretty good about myself right now :)

Especially since I hadn't heard from them (the company that just hired me) since Monday and I think I left behind "call them to show you're driven and motivated" to stroll the land of "stop calling, they're suing you for harassment" :)
Seriously, I must have been calling the guy 12 times a day. To be fair, he told me to call him to have a debriefing about Monday's interview which I did... about 40 times in three days :) but who cares, I've got the job !!

The only downside : it's in Velizy, pretty far from where I live and a place where traffic jams are like a national sport. But overall, happy !! :)
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Stephen Moffat does it again !!! Lovely episode of Doctor Who and Carey Mulligan has the cutest nose and smile ever, she's so adorable. Yeah well I know she's not a baby, she's a full grown women, quite attractive I might add. And she fits in my six degrees of Joss Whedon (she had a role in the play "the Seagull" with Chewitel Elijofor) and by looking at the casting of said play she would also fit in my six degrees of Jerry Bruckeihmer if only I had one (seriously, does everybody get a "six degrees" nowadays ?).

Back to the Moff as I like to call him when we're in private which, I swear to God Joss, never happened.
Back to Stephen Moffat, if one day comes when Russel T Davies wants out of Who, what do you think of Mr. Moffat to take over ???

And yeah, I'm feeling like crap, have been for the last two or three days, I don't get sick very often but when I do, I do !! Which might explain why I'm not making a lot of sense. Wait that's not true I'm making sense, just not in a linear kind of way. And that's fun since I've got three job interviews lined up for tomorrow. They're gonna love me, I'm borrowing Carey Mulligan's nose for tomorrow. Mucho points for cuteness.

And speaking of Jerry Bruckeihmer (yeah I was, in that same post, about 76 ideas above !), I haven't had the opportunity to say "POTC 3, At World's end" was quite good (except for Norrington). The writers heard my begging, still except for Norrington : Jack Davenport got sick and they had to hire Jeff, his dumb twin brothers who had not see the first 2 movies and didn't exactly knew what happened to the character in them !!!
Hmmm, that was fun, I must have borrowed it from another review.

Well, signing off now, I need sleep like the tiny needy thing I am :)
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Picture time (not dial up friendly but hopefully under a cut if I've done this correctly) :

I'm a true hardcore artist photographer !! )

Yata !!!!!

May. 1st, 2007 01:11 am
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Or whatever it's spelled.
Well it's a done deal, I'm now the official owner of a most lovely flat !! I just signed the papers this afternoon. I was a bit nervous at first because I had the feeling something would go wrong, the notary (I guess it's called that) would find out something was missing or one of the loan paper would be incorrectly filled out... I just couldn't picture things going smoothly which is nevertheless, what happened.

After signing, I went straight to the flat to check it out, see what I'm gonna need to buy, snap some pictures and videos for my gran' and basically just look around and enjoy the view :) I love it so far.
There's a few things I need to fix, nothing serious (some paint, wallpaper, wood floor) but it's gonna take some time and the worse of the furniture won't be there before May 19th. I should properly move in around first of second week of June.
Which means I'm hosting the BR august birthday/good bye party/bash dance extravaganza and some.

And icing on the cake, I just had a call from a really really dear friend of mine: his wife gave birth to an healthy, yet from the pictures quite ugly (she's got his nose, poor thing :) baby girl named Caitlin. He's kind of stoned right now but he's happy, we all are !
Please join me in giving her a warm welcome to our little corner of the Universe.

Shame he lives in Normandy now, I really want to stop by and say hi to the kid :)

P.S.: French peeps don't forget the vote on Sunday *fingers crossed*. I really don't want Sarkozy to win this *fingers double crossed*.
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This was written at an internet cafe in Glasgow last Sunday around 10ish. The network logged me out when I still had what seemed to be 9 minutes of Internet left and I was quite mad because I thought my post to be was lost. But rejoice my friends cause it seems Dear live journal saved a draft somewhere and everything came back up when I tried to update !!!! :)
Not that it was particularly important or anything, I was just pissed off that the frakking thing did not let me finish my post when I still had 9 minutes left !!!! But then, about an hour later, Jonathan Woodward licked my head and everything was good again.
So this is what I wrote on Sunday morning, kinda irrelevant now but I just didn't want
it to go to waste.

"It's snowing by the way :)
Just to say hi from Serenity 4, much fun is being had, legs hurts from too much dancing (Fan', you'd be proud of us : Elisa and Flo are stepping up to the plate and we've all been dancing our little hearts out, convention dances and all), liver hurts from much drinking and the floor of this hotel is definitely not as comfortable as the Thistle's.
I said hi to Christina, Ron and Michael from the french Browncoats and they said hi back (Michael seemed especially touched).
Sean announced the first signed guests for Infinity : Sean, Morenna and Adam will be there (sorry Jo...) and Ellen Muth from "Dead Like Me". Fan', I booked your ticket (around 20ish I guess).
He also announced a LA con and, although I do want to go, I think it'd be bitten more than I can chew, except if I'm definitely hired by Air France in which case it'd be a whole different ball game. Still, what I'd save on travel expenses, I'd have to pay anyway for accommodation cause there's no way I'm just staying in LA for just a week end... So yeah kinda conflicted right now.

And from what I read on my flist, it's Clara's birthday this week end : Happy Birthday Gorgeous !!!!! Hope everything's good for you."

So yep, that would have been Sunday's post.

Next time on Fred's : Serenity 4 or How I got licked by Jonathan Woodward (or the story of how this guy would do anything to taste Whisky :)
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Yesterday evening I received a formal agreement from one of the banks I talked to about the loan, I'm still waiting for other answers (from banks with better rates) but I'll always have this one to fall back to.
The loan was the trickiest part of the process, I'm not saying it's done just yet but things look a hell of a lot brighter than they did yesterday afternoon.
I still can't believe I'm gonna have my own flat, I think I won't believe it until I get there and start unpacking and moving furniture around. Actually it's more like I don't want to believe it in case deal goes south.
I still have to fill some applications and forms, you wouldn't believe the paperwork you deal with when you buy a flat.

News from geekdom : about 2 weeks before season 3 of Dr Who, bring on the new assistant ! Heroes so totally owns me (can't wait for the hiatus to end), Primeval doesn't look too bad and if anybody going to Serenity 4 watches BSG season 3, I'd love to have a chat (looking at you [ profile] cerulean_blu :)

Speaking of Primeval, anybody feels like meeting up to watch an episode and doing a drinking game. The show calls for it !!! :)
And I'm happy to see they're keeping their trend to hire former pop stars in Sci Fi shows. So far Hannah Spearitt (previously member of S Club 7) has displayed more underwear than acting skills but if Billie Piper was able to pull it off maybe she can too.

Finally, I'm leaving tomorrow for Glasgow to attend Serenity 4. If anybody has some tips about the city or want me to bring back something, now would be a good time to say so :)
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I didn't want to post earlier because I didn't want to jinx it but this evening I signed the provisional sale agreement for this flat

Blueprints )

It's not the one I posted about last time, it's a better one :-)
Seriously, it's better in every way but one (Electrics) and 7000 € cheaper. It's a bargain mate ^^

All I have to do now is convince a bank to lend me more money that I have ever seen in my life. Should be a walk in the park.
I feel a lot more confident and relax that I thought I would.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

And to end on a geekier note

Casting spoiler for Heroes 1.13 and 1.14 )
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*big deep voice on*
Ok so now it's for real, I've been playing this in my head over and over again, trying to figure out how it would be, how it would feel and tonight at 6.30 pm I'll find out.
*big deep voice off*
Seriously, I'm supposed to meet this guy who is selling his flat and sign a provisional sale agreement, I think this is gonna be the biggest check I've ever written :)
I had a look at the flat twice and it's okay: 4th floor, no lift, 3 rooms, 56m2, a cellar, right next to the train station, 10 mns from the shops, about 200m from the Seine.

But it's not over just yet, there's about 100 things that can go wrong from now on, biggest of them being the bank refusing my loan. But if everything goes according to (carefully laid :) plans, I should get the keys in about 2 months and then it's party time in my eye socket and everybody's invited :)
I think it's gonna be tough for the first couple of years, I'm gonna have to save on everything I can (that includes turning the ice cream down :). And I need to find a long term job, temp work pays good but it's bad for the nerves when you don't know if you'll still have a job in 6 months.
(yep I'm a temp and I'm buying a flat, I'm not quite right in my head).
Nevertheless, I'm pretty confident it can work ! Wish me luck guys.

*EDIT* Well, meeting has been canceled. Seems that, with me being a temp, there's higher chances I don't get the loan and the seller doesn't want to take any chances, he needs to sell quickly because he's moving out. So yep, it appears deal's going south. I need to make a few phone calls tomorrow and I'll try again on Monday. I'm not about to give up just yet.
And thanks for the good wishes, people :)
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Yet... Happy New Year !!!!!

I came back yesterday night from Rennes where I spent the most wonderful week end / New Year's Eve ever (ok maybe not but it ranks pretty damn high).

A big thank you to [ profile] miss_kao for having us and to all the people that coped with my driving while being buried under their bags for 3 hours (I asked for a 7 seats car and they gave me one with the last 2 seats in the trunk so yep definitely 7 seats but no trunk) and finally a big shout out to those who couldn't make it but were there in spirit, on the phone and in quotes !

To everybody, I hope 2007 will bring you everything you dream and desire and to myself I hope the year keeps it up as good as it started.
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Read today on IMDB )
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I just read this. It's all over the flist.
Basically Universal's lawyers are asking 11th hour to shut down her website / shop, pay about 9000 USD as retroactive licensing fees and a few other unpleasant things.

11th hour was at the front-line of the guerilla marketing for Serenity. She's a very talented artist who's given a lot to the fandom and did more than her part in promoting the movie.
What's happening to her is beyond unfair. The only thing slightly cheering me up right now is the amazing response from Browncoats, not that I had any doubts but still... feels nice.
Whatever she needs, money, time, support, we'll provide !

And from the few threads I've read so far, I hope people won't be too quick to boycott and throw blames. So far it's just some very heavy handed emails. Let's see where that gets us and let's show 11th hour some support.
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