Mar. 14th, 2007

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Yesterday evening I received a formal agreement from one of the banks I talked to about the loan, I'm still waiting for other answers (from banks with better rates) but I'll always have this one to fall back to.
The loan was the trickiest part of the process, I'm not saying it's done just yet but things look a hell of a lot brighter than they did yesterday afternoon.
I still can't believe I'm gonna have my own flat, I think I won't believe it until I get there and start unpacking and moving furniture around. Actually it's more like I don't want to believe it in case deal goes south.
I still have to fill some applications and forms, you wouldn't believe the paperwork you deal with when you buy a flat.

News from geekdom : about 2 weeks before season 3 of Dr Who, bring on the new assistant ! Heroes so totally owns me (can't wait for the hiatus to end), Primeval doesn't look too bad and if anybody going to Serenity 4 watches BSG season 3, I'd love to have a chat (looking at you [ profile] cerulean_blu :)

Speaking of Primeval, anybody feels like meeting up to watch an episode and doing a drinking game. The show calls for it !!! :)
And I'm happy to see they're keeping their trend to hire former pop stars in Sci Fi shows. So far Hannah Spearitt (previously member of S Club 7) has displayed more underwear than acting skills but if Billie Piper was able to pull it off maybe she can too.

Finally, I'm leaving tomorrow for Glasgow to attend Serenity 4. If anybody has some tips about the city or want me to bring back something, now would be a good time to say so :)


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