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One of my earliest memory is me, my sister and my grandfather in Spain during the holidays watching the 1984 European Championship finale (I'm talking football here). My grandparents didn't have a TV at the time and we went to the restaurant that takes the whole of the ground floor.
Now being both French and Spanish, my sister and me didn't see the harm in cheering when one or the other team scored. Pretty much everybody else in the room did see the harm in cheering for the french and we got some *very* dirty looks especially since France eventually won.
We left pretty quickly as soon as the game ended :)

My grandfather loved football with a passion, I remember he watched pretty much every single game broadcasted during the summer we would spend in Spain which is a lot ! He was beside himself when Spain won the Olympics in 92 because it was basically the first title he could share in real time with his fellow countrymen. He flew Spain in 1955 and did not come back before the early 80's so he missed the European title in 64.
So yeah basically, I thought about him tonight when Spain won. He would have loved it. Not only he victory but the way the team played. He would have shouted at the screen (he had a tendency to do that :) and I would have loved to watch that with him.

EDIT : And did you see the King with his eyes pretty wet, hugging the team's Captain Iker Casillas ? No wonder everybody in Spain loves the guy.
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