May. 1st, 2007

Yata !!!!!

May. 1st, 2007 01:11 am
the_swordman: (Good Great All Right)
Or whatever it's spelled.
Well it's a done deal, I'm now the official owner of a most lovely flat !! I just signed the papers this afternoon. I was a bit nervous at first because I had the feeling something would go wrong, the notary (I guess it's called that) would find out something was missing or one of the loan paper would be incorrectly filled out... I just couldn't picture things going smoothly which is nevertheless, what happened.

After signing, I went straight to the flat to check it out, see what I'm gonna need to buy, snap some pictures and videos for my gran' and basically just look around and enjoy the view :) I love it so far.
There's a few things I need to fix, nothing serious (some paint, wallpaper, wood floor) but it's gonna take some time and the worse of the furniture won't be there before May 19th. I should properly move in around first of second week of June.
Which means I'm hosting the BR august birthday/good bye party/bash dance extravaganza and some.

And icing on the cake, I just had a call from a really really dear friend of mine: his wife gave birth to an healthy, yet from the pictures quite ugly (she's got his nose, poor thing :) baby girl named Caitlin. He's kind of stoned right now but he's happy, we all are !
Please join me in giving her a warm welcome to our little corner of the Universe.

Shame he lives in Normandy now, I really want to stop by and say hi to the kid :)

P.S.: French peeps don't forget the vote on Sunday *fingers crossed*. I really don't want Sarkozy to win this *fingers double crossed*.


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