Mar. 21st, 2007

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This was written at an internet cafe in Glasgow last Sunday around 10ish. The network logged me out when I still had what seemed to be 9 minutes of Internet left and I was quite mad because I thought my post to be was lost. But rejoice my friends cause it seems Dear live journal saved a draft somewhere and everything came back up when I tried to update !!!! :)
Not that it was particularly important or anything, I was just pissed off that the frakking thing did not let me finish my post when I still had 9 minutes left !!!! But then, about an hour later, Jonathan Woodward licked my head and everything was good again.
So this is what I wrote on Sunday morning, kinda irrelevant now but I just didn't want
it to go to waste.

"It's snowing by the way :)
Just to say hi from Serenity 4, much fun is being had, legs hurts from too much dancing (Fan', you'd be proud of us : Elisa and Flo are stepping up to the plate and we've all been dancing our little hearts out, convention dances and all), liver hurts from much drinking and the floor of this hotel is definitely not as comfortable as the Thistle's.
I said hi to Christina, Ron and Michael from the french Browncoats and they said hi back (Michael seemed especially touched).
Sean announced the first signed guests for Infinity : Sean, Morenna and Adam will be there (sorry Jo...) and Ellen Muth from "Dead Like Me". Fan', I booked your ticket (around 20ish I guess).
He also announced a LA con and, although I do want to go, I think it'd be bitten more than I can chew, except if I'm definitely hired by Air France in which case it'd be a whole different ball game. Still, what I'd save on travel expenses, I'd have to pay anyway for accommodation cause there's no way I'm just staying in LA for just a week end... So yeah kinda conflicted right now.

And from what I read on my flist, it's Clara's birthday this week end : Happy Birthday Gorgeous !!!!! Hope everything's good for you."

So yep, that would have been Sunday's post.

Next time on Fred's : Serenity 4 or How I got licked by Jonathan Woodward (or the story of how this guy would do anything to taste Whisky :)


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