Jan. 19th, 2007

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*big deep voice on*
Ok so now it's for real, I've been playing this in my head over and over again, trying to figure out how it would be, how it would feel and tonight at 6.30 pm I'll find out.
*big deep voice off*
Seriously, I'm supposed to meet this guy who is selling his flat and sign a provisional sale agreement, I think this is gonna be the biggest check I've ever written :)
I had a look at the flat twice and it's okay: 4th floor, no lift, 3 rooms, 56m2, a cellar, right next to the train station, 10 mns from the shops, about 200m from the Seine.

But it's not over just yet, there's about 100 things that can go wrong from now on, biggest of them being the bank refusing my loan. But if everything goes according to (carefully laid :) plans, I should get the keys in about 2 months and then it's party time in my eye socket and everybody's invited :)
I think it's gonna be tough for the first couple of years, I'm gonna have to save on everything I can (that includes turning the ice cream down :). And I need to find a long term job, temp work pays good but it's bad for the nerves when you don't know if you'll still have a job in 6 months.
(yep I'm a temp and I'm buying a flat, I'm not quite right in my head).
Nevertheless, I'm pretty confident it can work ! Wish me luck guys.

*EDIT* Well, meeting has been canceled. Seems that, with me being a temp, there's higher chances I don't get the loan and the seller doesn't want to take any chances, he needs to sell quickly because he's moving out. So yep, it appears deal's going south. I need to make a few phone calls tomorrow and I'll try again on Monday. I'm not about to give up just yet.
And thanks for the good wishes, people :)


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